Class Levels ...

Level I                                
Ages 3, 4, 5.  No previous training. Emphasis is on ballet basics and creative movement. One  1 hour class per week.


Level II     
Ages 6 - 10.  Basic ballet technique  for beginning students with little or no prior training.  Two 1 hour classes per week.


Level III

Ages 7 - 12.  Continuation of Level II.  Basic ballet technique required.  

Two 1 hour classes per week.  

Level IV
Ages 11 - 15.  Intermediate level requires 4 - 5 years of training.  Beginning pointe preparation included in this level.  Two 1-1/2 hour per week.


Level V

Ages 13 and up.  Advanced class with emphasis on pointe technique and performance.  Two 1-1/2 hour classes per week.

Pas de Deux

Partnering class for advanced level students on pointe.  Must be enrolled in technique classes to enroll.


Teen/Adult Ballet 
Ages 15 and up.  Basic technique with little or no prior training.



Ages 10 and up.  Prior ballet technique is helpful but not required.

Contemporary and Hip Hop

 Middle school and older